Fixed wing servo jitter


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I know there is fixed wing nuts on here.
I'm still flying quads but I finished a wing which is working but I just finished another scratch build.
This setup looks clean to me but giving jitter on the servos. The gyro is all calibrated & RX working with it & throttle working. So on switch on the servos centre & then start twitching. Trying to figure out where the noise is coming from. I have some ferrite rings on the way. Although it's working sort of can anyone see anything wrong. The blue heatshrink is another 5v bec to power 5v fpv vtx & cam, it also has a cap on it.
Also when I lift it & give roll or pitch the gyros don't try to correct so I'm assuming the jitter is preventing this. Seen alot worse builds with no jitter. Any help & input welcome.


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"when I lift it & give roll or pitch the gyros don't try to correct".
Your control issue is more than just jitter, it is simply not working!

I would suggest some simple 'one at time' bench testing.
Connect one servo to the gyro and rx using just the main ESC and its BEC and nothing else.
If that servo then works normally and it reacts to a gyro position change then you know the problem is not the gyro or rx.
Slowly add items but only one at time until the jitter returns and you have found the culprit.

Tedious but such logical testing is the only way to proceed when you can't physically see the electrons involved!
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