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Help! Flaky Throttle

Noober here with an issue. I bought an Acrobee BeeBrain brushless and went through setting it up in BetaFlight. Accidentally pulled off one of the antennas while removing the FC from the chassis. It looks like it snaps back on, but it's hard to tell since it's also held in place with plastic covering over the whole FC. In any case, when I throttle up, it continues increasing throttle out of control and wont decelerate. All other controls (AER) work the motors normally.
Running motors via betaflight has no issues. It's only when controlling through the transmitter that I get the issue.
I thought it may be the antenna, but thought I'd ask here for advice.
Here's what I've done so far to troubleshoot:
I flashed the firmware with the downloaded file betaflight_4.1.0_BEEBRAIN_BL_SBUS_US.hex as my initial test. No help.
In Receiver tab, I checked the ranges, and the look good..
Tried disabling the Accelerometer. Not sure what I was expecting here, but that didnt help.
Under the Configuration tab I have DSHOT600 selected.
I cleared all settings in the Mode tab besides ARM.

Transmitter is a Taranis QX7. Nothing special set up for this model. Only used for simulator until now, so nothing else to test it on.

Seems like the FC is not receiving correct signal from the transmitter on Throttle only, so my guess goes to bad reception through bad antenna. There are two antennas, so I'm not positive how much of an effect losing one might be. But, before attempting to fix it or buy a replacement quad I wanted to get some feedback here in case I'm missing something.

Any help appreciated.


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Also calibrate your transmitter sticks, it’s in the TX menus, check you minimums and maximums are 1000 and 2000 in Betaflight.
That does sound like a PID issue more than a hardware one, my 3” did the same on 4.0. Have you asked Newbee for help? They are a good company, I am sure they might have a tune that will work for you.
Turns out this is expected behavior when running the motors with props off. Apologies for time spent looking at this thread. In my defense, I was just taking the advice from Joshua Bardwell's introductory video on Betaflight in which he says before flying a drone the first time, you should remove the props and see if they do anything crazy. Mine did something crazy. Anyway, thanks for all the feedback. I did adjust the sticks as FDS suggested. So far so good.


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Good luck with flying it. I did exactly the same with my first build!
Make sure your mode switches are set up so you have a self level mode for testing, I used horizon, acro trainer and full acro on my mode switch.
When you are ready start by being in a good sized clear space, outside, then do an arm test. Make sure it disarms/arms safely.
Then stay at least 30 ft away and do a hover test. Set it in level or horizon mode. Arm it, lift straight up to 4-6ft off the ground and hover. If anything goes wrong at this stage disarm, unplug and go back to the bench. Don’t try to fly it fully until it has hovered successfully.