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Flaps....Have i got it right

Brian fred carr

Site Moderator
I am getting a sky climber and i want to put flaps on it so am i right in thinking that i need a y harness which I will
then put into channel 1 (ailerons) then use the turnigy 9x programming to have the second part of the y harness
as flaps....all help appreciated thx in advance


Flying Derp
You are talking about flaperons. That plane only has factory installed ailerons and they do seem long enough for flaperons to function as intended. You would use the y-harness to connect to your RX and then program your 9X for flaperons.



Senior Member
As long as your model has separate servos for ailerons - you can use them as flaperons. You have to drop the Y-cable, plug the aileron servos on separate channels on you Rx and program your Tx. With this setup you can also have differential ailerons (that will help avoiding adverse yaw) and spoilerons (I've found them more useful than flaperons which - at least to me - are totally useless on a glider similar to Sky Climber).


Old age member
The Flap function can be used in many different ways - I have no experience in Sky Climber but it seems lika a regular foam glider.

1 Both sides just a little up makes the plane fly faster. (reflex?)
2 Both sides just a little down slows the plane for better thermal glide. (camber?)
3 Both sides a lot (70-80 degrees) down functions as an air brake to slow down the plane when descending at a steep down angle.
4 Both sides moderate (20-30 degrees) up shortens the landing glide to get the plane down on a shorter distance. (Airwolf recs?)

All modes should be mixed to the elevator to compensate in to a "normal" or wished flight.