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what is flashing? new to fpv racing quad trying to connect to cleanflight. flight controll is nahze. thank you
when i hook quad to computer and hit connect on cleanflght it wont connect tried different usb cable still wont connect
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Gravity Tester
Hi Tom, welcome to the forum! Flashing the board is the process of putting the flight control firmware (code) onto the board. In your case you will need to flash cleanflight either because your board has no firmware flashed to it or it is flashed already, but with baseflight. To flash the latest version of cleanflight go into the cleanflight configuration app and select the third tap titled 'Firmware Flasher.' In the drop down menu select '1.9.0 NAZE 2015-6-2 0:41 (stable).' It should be the 5th one down. make sure 'full chip erase' is checked then press the 'Load Firmware [Online]' button at the bottom. Once this is down press the 'Flash Firmware' button also at the bottom to flash cleanflight. Your board should be all ready to connect to the configurator now. If you have trouble following my wording then you can follow Flitetest as they do it in this video. Hope this helps!