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Flight Simulator for Futaba 8FG Super FASST

Hello ! I would like to make quad copters and fly them. But before that, I would like to learn using a flight simulator for quad copters. From You Tube video lectures I learnt that AeroSIM simulator goes well with Futaba T8J. However, I wish to know if this particular simulator (AeroSIM) can be used along with Futaba 8FG Super FASST.
If this simulator can not be used, please suggest a matching simulator for Futaba 8FG Super FASST.
Thank you in advance.


Ebil Filleh Pega-Bat ^.^
You can use any simulator with any transmitter that has a trainer port (and also with a little PPM tinkering on those that don't) as long as you have the correct cable and a little time configuring it in the game. The T8FG-Super and the T8J both use the new standard 6 pin square Futaba connector on the back, so you just have to get that cable. And even if your transmitter doesn't appear on the list in game, you can configure it manually... I have all my radios working on PhoenixRC and not one of them was on the list (Futaba T4EXA, Walkera WK-2402 and Multiplex Profi MC3010)