Flite Fest 2024 NGAD combat challenge.

I saw some of the rederings for the NGAD(next generation air dominance) program. I thought, that a plane like that could do some damage in FF combat. So I decided to see what the FT community could come up with. This is not a contest because there is no winner. The goal of these planes is to punch holes in other aircraft.(fast, and streamligned with a durable nose/ leading edge) Also, It would be best if it looked like what you think the NGAD fighter will look like. I look forward to see what the comunity can design, and see the damage these planes do in combat.
began the design of my NGAD fighter. I plan to use a C pack. I had an idea to secure a long string to the model, and tow an "AI" wing-man "drone". This could be an effective tool in combat.


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TBH, I had plans to build a gunship, but I might build an NGAD, either as an addition or instead, since the gunship needs, well, an airsoft gun that I don't currently have worked up. 😂

Northrup had a design called, I believe, the Ram because it was literally designed to ram and cut of the tails of enemy bombers. Post war flying wing design. Only proposed Airforce design to have the pilot flying prone.
Got it out for a first flight today. Unfortunately, high winds, and poor orientation caused a rough crash. Nothing a little hot glue can ‘t fix. Plan to repair, and then fiberglass the airplane.


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