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Flite Test branded neckstraps


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I'd buy two - if comfy and very adjustable for size. And individually tested and verified by Bixler, of course. That added value, you know.


I tossed the same idea out in March and there weren't any takers from the Flite test crew. Maybe now that Chad has is bat bones flying he may have time to research the idea. Yes Id buy one too.


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I'd buy one or even two if the shipping wasn't "First-Class Package International Service".

I've ordered the Bat bone frame and since JUNE 29th the status has been "Processed through USPS Sort Facility".
This is roughly 3 weeks ago and makes you wonder what "Second-Class Package International Service" would look like .... (don't know if it even exists ...).

Mind you, this is not a complaint to filitetest, they're only relying on USPS, but USPS is kind of joking to call something "First class" that exceeds a three week delivery date. Talking about "expectation management" ...
Even all my Hobbyking deliveries (although ordered later) have arrived since then and the No 1. item (the frame) is still there somewhere in the 'void' ... I now have a frameless "tri" on my desk.

Sorry, did not mean to rant, but got carried away ....

That aside, I'd really love to have a flitetest neck strap :)
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