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There’s HOW MANY shopping days left? It’s that time of year again, and maybe you are finding yourself a little pressured to find that perfect RC gift for your hobby loving friend, or significant other. There’s lots of bad choices out there that look appealing to someone that’s not “in the know”. Potential gifts that might illicit that awkward smile, and little white lie of “oh, yeah, thanks, I’ve always wanted one of these.” We don’t want you to go out gift hunting unarmed. Fortunately the guys at Flite Test have several videos that will help you pick the right item for under the tree.

It’s quite possible the person you’re shopping for has not yet bought themselves a plane, or worse, have bought the wrong plane, and have had a hard time learning to fly with it. Well, the Flite Test guys have a few excellent choices of beginner friendly planes to choose from in their library of videos. Here are a few choices that will make any beginner feel like a pro in no time.





There’s one item that pretty much every rc pilot will need, and that’s batteries. Most folks are flying some sort of electric powered airplane, and we can never have enough battery packs. There’s lots of places to pick these up, and some are better than others. The Flite Test crew has several battery related videos to review, one of my favorites was their Turnigy Lipo Pack episode.


Or are they more of a history buff, someone that likes to relive aerial battles at the flying field. The Joshes have a few suggestions for them. Everything from a plane the WWI ace, the Red Baron would have flown, to a Blue Angels F-18 jet.






Maybe your gift recipient is a little more advanced of a pilot, and likes to go fast. There are several choices available for the pilot with a need for speed.




A few items that should be in every pilots tool box, but probably aren’t, would make excellent gifts. The Joshes are here to help with these as well.




Another thing that no pilot should be without, is a transmitter to control his plane. There’s lots of choices out there, from an inexpensive introductory transmitter like the Turnigy 9X, or one with more options for the experienced pilot, such as the Spektrum DX8. Flite Test has reviewed both of these, and you can check them out for yourself here.



For something a little out of the ordinary, there’s an RC aircraft that can be flown from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. You’ll have to see it to believe it. Fortunately the guys did a video about it as well.


I know that’s a lot of information to digest before the holidays are upon us. Maybe a simpler gift choice would be a good way to break the ice. Well, odds are if you’re reading this, you or the person you’re shopping for is a Flite Test viewer. Since that’s likely the case, then one of the items from the Flite Test gift shop is sure to be a hit.


All of the episodes listed above and more can be found on the Flite Test website. Those listed are just a few of the over one hundred episodes available for your viewing pleasure.


Also, feel free to visit the Flite Test Forums or the Flite Test Facebook page to have any questions you might have answered. There’s a large community of RC enthusiasts there, and you’re sure to find someone eager to help with any problem you might run into, both before and after you’ve made your purchase.



There’s even a gift suggestion thread where you can get season specific assistance without having to figure out which thread to ask, or how to create a new one to find the information you need.


In closing, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on what this time of year means to me in relation to the hobby, beyond the commercial aspects of it. One of the great things about this hobby is the sense of friendship and community that it fosters. In this season of giving, I make sure to remember to be grateful for what I have. I don’t have to worry about where my next meal is coming from, or where I will sleep tonight. I have been fortunate enough to meet people that share my interests, and have helped guide me to the success in the hobby that I now enjoy. I try to pay them back by helping new people the way I was helped. Both by passing on my used equipment to people who might not be able to afford their own, and by trying to educate them so they have a more successful and enjoyable experience in this hobby. There’s lots of ways others can do this. From helping that curious person at your flying field with the questions they might have, to participating in online conversations, to donating rc equipment to clubs or schools. This is a great hobby. It brings people together, it gets them outside, and it helps generate curiosity about the world around them. It’s a gift worth giving, and one that I appreciate just about every day.


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Very well done, Fred. I hope everyone is great full for what they have and can find a wonderful gift for someone they care about.