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Flite Test Episode Challenge Request

here is the deal. i absolutely love the fpv that you do with the multi-rotors. but i would love to see a challenge made out of it but with fixed wing.

the challenge would be a woods course with flag gates that you have to go through. navigate the woods course with a fixed wing aircraft in fpv only. can you make it from one side of that grove of trees to the other in fpv using a fixed wing aircraft. that's my challenge to yall!


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I see the Flite Test staff respond almost exclusively to Face Book Viewer request. They don't frequent the forums much at all.



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Nope, Thurmond's right. About the only thing they have time for these days is monitoring social network side of the house. Oh, and Chad checks out his Ask Chad thread over here every so often.
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I think it would be cool, but extremely hard. Remember how much trouble they had negotiating the "woggle" course http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/Y_j9S7z7d4Q/mqdefault.jpg

If they were able to do it and had access to a huge old growth forest it might look like the speeder bike chase from Return of the Jedi. = awesome.

well IMHO, the woggle course had one fatal flaw. the aircraft. get a calm day, some smaller fpv gear and a much slower aircraft, and it would definitely be doable.