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Signed in, but no "big red edit button" on my screen. "?"

Hey Ratdog, you have to send a private message to Eagle4 now. See below.

Ok everyone. It seems many people still have not been looking after other people's pins. Other people's pins keep getting moved out into the ocean as you have panned the map and then you decided to hit save. Because of this I am locking the map so that only I (and perhaps later the mods too) can modify the map. This way the integrity of the map stays intact.

Now if you want to get your pin added to the map I want you to send me a PM here on this forum with specific details on the park where you fly. perhaps its a gps coordinates, or super specific information like if I was to say "Sir Wilfrid Laurier Park, Montreal, Quebec, Canada" it takes you to where I fly. (Usually when giving international people place names or directions we forget how many places globably have the same or similar names)

I'll be naming the pins your user name. If you want I can put in a small blurb about the flying site. but keep it simple. perhaps something like "Bob's Hill - Great for slope soaring" or " ABC Flying Field - AMA required, great bunch of guys" or "The park where I usually fly, get there early as people play soccer here"


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I started this hobby about four months ago, I've built every plane FT has and crashed them all, more than once. Is there anyone in my area that would like a flying nay crashing partner¿


Hey gang. sorry for any late replies. been very busy lately. but be asured if you've sent me a pm with your pin on it i've added it.
I am truly amazed to see there are Flitetest fans all across the globe!

Once again if you want to get your flying field added to the map send me a pm with the street address or the gps coordinates. to make it easy for me to find :)

Thanks again to all of you for helping share the hobby


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Ok, I'm lost. What "big edit button"? Where are you looking? All I know about is https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=U...9393f716d5c0bf, and that's not it.

"Hit the big edit button
- Navigate to your location/flying site
- Click the "add a placemark" (blue pin) icon on the map, then click the position.
- A new marker will appear on the map and a matching new item will pop up on the list on the left -- fill it out.
- Hit save and you're all set!"


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I've messaged eagle4 with some popular spots nearby, this is a great idea and I'd love to see more local contributors!


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Central Maine RC Flyers

... and thank you very much for do so much extra for so many others.


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RCgroups has an app that shows all the RC locations near you. Wonder if the FT team would get a similar app implemented for FT.
Visiting somewhere? Just use the app and located FlieTesters:)


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I ma a new member of the form. I would like to learn how can ı open new part name " Turkei" under "find your fellow flite test fans by region" Europe site.


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Added a pin for my club site, Magic Valley Air Force, Henderson, Tennessee, All flite test members welcome, AMA Sanctioned. Paved runway, restroom, pavilions, security fence. Our new website is https://magicvalleyrcclub.com/ If you are traveling through west Tennessee, we are a short drive south of Jackson TN on hwy 45.
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