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Flitetest Texas and friends

Gotta know Joe hobbies promotion for Flitetest texas

Hey fly friends. We are a small shop in Spring Texas and we love and support everything Flite test. We are running multiple ads on Facebook RC fourms and screaming from the mountains to show up for a week of FLY-CATION. We will bring a big fllet of things to fly stuff to crash Byrd's that light up and honk??? You will just need to see it 4 ur self. And we will be giving a few planes away.
We will be getting there a day or 2 or 3 early so look us up we can't wait to meet you and for u to meet us and all our friends. ...
I spoke to " Apache" :sneaky: 2 days ago, the tone has changed from the 1st contact:rolleyes:. I was calling to check on early arrival wifi etc:cool:. I was told there was no reason for concern on spaces [RV] full hook ups:sneaky:... this last call a comment was made they think the show was over booked:unsure:.. Plenty of room but full hookups maybe an issue:confused:. Not trying to create a stir just be aware you may need a long ext cord. :LOL:;lol
We have a small following online:geek: but we spent a few hundred bucks promoting the event to help ensure a great showing by Texans. I cant wait to hang and fly with our online buddies..... Look out we are bring some BIG POWER!:eek: