Flying Field at Blue Ash Summit Park. (Cincinnati, OH)


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I'm new to the forum but I've watched every episode of Flite Test since I discovered them when they first started on YouTube. Was a huge RC Powers fan too.

Anyway, I was wondering if there are any guys in the Cincinnati area that flies at Blue Ash Simmit park and if they know the future of RC at that park. I'm scared it might be banned when they finish construction there.

It's the only place I haves to fly with the residents at the group home I work at. Plus it's just around the corner from us. I'm not familiar with the clubs around here and the guys that fly up there are awesome and inclusive.


Flite is good
I have had nothing to do with RC in the Cincinnati area for a long, long, time. Most everything I remember was north west of town. Look for the GCRCC. They are a big club in that area and they might have some info for you.
I hope you get favorable info.


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I get the feeling that the local clubs don't want us to fly there and that might ruin our future out there. I've heard their membership is down and we had a few of them stop by while we were flying and just asked a bunch of questions about our knowledge of AMA regulations and safety. If they came out and flew with us it would be different. Some guys from the clubs do, but it's the ones that come out there with AMA/club badges and a scowl on their face that I don't like. I have nothing against the AMA just don't be old grumps about us flying at an AMA park that isn't yours.
We are beginner friendly out there because old people die and if we don't get younger people into the hobby, it will die too.