Flying TO Flite Fest 2015


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So with my work schedule (can't spend two days traveling from near St. Paul Minnesota to Malvern and back) I am not going to be able to load up the family Truckster with my planes and Multi Rotors and head down. So I am planning on flying into Akron and staying at a hotel in Canton to catch the fun on Friday, Saturday and Part of Sunday. (The Hotel I found is about 20 mins away from the field.)

I am looking for some insight from the Flite Folks who went last year on how to prepare for the weekend. I am going to be very limited in what I can bring from an equipment point of view (it all has to all fit in my carry on.) I don't have any hard cases for Multi-Rotors and most of my planes are FT designs.

Here's what I was planning on bringing to getting in the air:

DX6i (Packed in the original box it came in)
Built up Power pod with RX, ESC and Motor mounted (Prop removed)
Couple of 9 Gram Servos
Electrohub Tricopter (front arm screws removed to allow folding)
A few Batts for each platform
Extra Props for each Platform
roll of colored packing tape to help with orientation

I was thinking I could buy an FT Flyer or Bloody Wonder kit and build it while I am there.

So the real questions is will I be able to put one together on site (Use glue gun, glue, packing tape tools) and will I be able to use someone's charger for the few batteries I am bringing? At the end I would just leave the plane behind (If It's not had too rough a weekend.) ha!

If there is not really an option I will plan on not bring my gear and just hanging out and helping out where I can.

Thanks for any insight and I can't wait to meet everyone!



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Keep chatting up around here and you should have no issue with making some stone soup ;)

Most of the common build tools should be available in the build tent and the less common ones should be a polite request or two away. Materials for purchase will certainly be on hand at the vendors nearby.

Chargers I'd ask around for -- we'll have power available, but that's all we can say for certain. Having a buddy there you can bum a charge cycle off of shouldn't be too hard.

Even if you don't meet up anyone here, shouldn't be that hard to find some guys to hang out with (have you considered volunteering? you'll get time away to do other stuff, it's a good way to meet people and a great way to get "in" with the other volunteers ;) )

I couldn't say this about most other festivals, but your plan isn't that far off from completely doable.


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Don't bring your Flamewheel... You will probably just crash it a quarter mile away in the middle of a cornfield like you did yesterday.

"Dude You're dropping fast. Dude... throttle. DUDE!!!"



Flite is good

I will be there with plenty of glue, tape, glue gun and other build supplies. Always willing to share. You will have space and time to build whatever you want to tackle. My charger will also be available. I will even have a couple planes that will be available for community use.

Send me a PM as the date gets closer and we can exchange contact info.


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Hey Craftydan....awesome! I am happy to volunteer. I will go to the Flite Fest site and get signed up for it! thanks for the response.

Strada...that was a blast...the best part was that my GoPro was fine...and that Shane can replace the popped Cap!