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Solved Flying wing setup

Hi there,
I'm pretty new this hobby but I've been wondering, how do you, when in sticks mode 2 on a flying wing channel one is the ailerons. I don't understand how to plug to my two aileron servos into just the channel one pins. On another note, how could I make the setup, since it is flying wing and has only two control surfaces which are basically aileron and aileron and elevon and elevon. But how do I make it on my Tx so I can move them all with just the elevator or elevon which is ch2 and the aileron which is ch1?
If I haven't explained well, just ask.
RC Soarer


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I think that you should plug one servo into the aileron channel and the other into the elevator channel, then mix the two. I’m not sure what transmitter you have but my Spektrum dx8 has an eleven mix already programmed and ready for wings. But if you ever need to plug two servos into one place (one example is if you need to use two aileron servos) just use a y connector.


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Hello and welcome!

How you set this up will largely depend on the radio you have.

Please let us know and I'm sure someone can help you here.
I have FlySky i6x experience and just getting into Spektrum...


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typically the left elevon goes into aileron channel and the right elevon is the elevator channel, then select elevon or delta mixing.

good luck,

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And if you get it backwards, you can always swap the controls around by reversing the throw in the radio. :) Many ways to skin that cat! :)


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I cant remember how it works. I think of one of the controls (aileron or elevator) is reversed you swap the channels. If both are reversed, reverse the controls in the Tx.

I may be mistaken, it may be the other way around