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Flying wings?


More combat please...
Several reasons:

  • Often (not always) the prop likes to stop kinda lined up with the wing.
  • There is little resistance to keep it from turning, so once it does hit ground, it usually just moves out of the way.
  • Most of us that fly wings (especially flying combat) use a prop saver.
  • Oh yeah, and we usually land on grass :)

Without the prop saver even it is rare that I break a prop on landing.
More likely to break a prop on a failed launch or some other unexpected plane to ground, plane to plane or plane to some other immovable object collision where the prop is still spinning at speed.


More combat please...
Dont they?
Did you miss the thread with a big box of props - ready for combat..............
The "secret" is to stop the motor with the prop horizontal ;-)
Hahahaha- I break plenty ;) just seldom on landing.

Another thing I have recently started doing is grinding off a good portion of the shaft on the prop saver. I leave maybe an eighth of an inch or so, just enough that the prop centers on it. Yeah, sometimes the prop comes off the little nub but very seldom do I break them anymore, except in combat. But I have enough to last me for a while this time ;)