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Flysky buddy box

So my friend has unfortunately killed her mini scout (folded wing) without a successful flight. The airplane flew great after balancing, just couldn't take a dozen cartwheels and nosedives ;)

Anyways, to make the next plane more successful, I'd like to try and set up a buddy box. I have a flysky FS-T6 and she has a flysky fs-t4. Could we do a buddy box setup with the flysky trainer cable?


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I have not tried the Tx’s mentioned, if they both take the same training cable, then there is a good chance it will work. Her Tx will be the master which you will want to hold, your Tx will be the slave, which you will give to her.

When I setup a buddy box, make sure both Tx’s are setup similar, servo direction, rates, expo, etc. You need to take the plane up, get trimmed out, then land and then trim the buddy box. Flick the trainer switch and adjust the trims on the slave Tx until there is no control surface movement when going from one to the other.


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I'm saying the fs-t4 does not have a way to engage student or trainer mode like the FS-T6 does. It does have a trainer port though. I think I will go ahead and get the cable and see what happens.
If it has a trainer port & trainer switch, it should work.


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In the 72mhz days, none of the Tx had a trainer mode. You did not turn the student Tx on, it received power from master Tx through the trainer cord. The trainer cords all had 6-8 wires. My Flysky’s trainer cord only has 2 wires. The student Tx must supply it’s own power.


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exactly! - just have the correct plug at each end and a signal and a ground wire - it should be good to go with power supplied by each TX!