Flysky FS-ct6b help


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Hey guys, I am using a flysky fs-ct6b. I know it is a cheap transmitter but I am trying to work with it until I can afford a better one. I am trying to set up differential thrust for the sea duck right now, does anyone have any tips on how to get it set up? I tried following the flitetest video but I don't think I am doing it right. Also when I try to connect it to the receiver it won't connect until I turn the transmitter off, the motors will start beeping like they are going to connect, I turn the transmitter back on, they connect and then the motors turn on to full throttle and won't stop for anything I do. Could really use some help here, thanks guys!


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here's a blog I wrote for the FlySky i6. It has on radio programming but otherwise a similar feature set to the fs-ct6b. Some details may be different but the basic principle should be the same. You may need to reverse channels or switch sides to get it to work on your model. You will almost certainly want to reduce the rudder mix weight.

Incidentally there are a couple of after market programming tools for the fs-ct6b which you may want to check out.

digital radio...

and this one...

haven't used them personally but