flysky fs-i6 yaw not recognized


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hi, i'm new with this great world of drone.... i've purchased a eachine racer 250 with flysky fs-i6 trasmitter and fs-i6a receiver... after some strange binding problem i bind tx with rx. after that i connect my drone to librepilot and configured it troght is the time to configure radio...when i start radio wizard (i've configured the board as ppw) the wizrd detect throttle, pitch and roll but not detect yaw.... if i configure it manual (i've see the channell number on the tx) i can configure yaw , pitch and roll but throttle do not work.... my flysky report this channel: 1 roll 2 pitch 3 throttle 4 yaw . What's my problem????


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Are you using ppm setup?
I would reccomend using an fs-ia6B reciever they are better. Go into the radios function setup then go into display.
Move around the yaw and see if it is detected on the radios end first.