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Help! Flysky FS-i6b Receiver issues

I have always had the problem where when I plug in my receiver to the battery, all the servos freak out and go to their far right position rather than to zero. I've always had to unplug the servo leads, connect the TX, then reconnect the servo leads. Is there a way to reprogram the receiver to start the servos at zero? this would save so much time and hassle!

Also, annoyingly, I had to attach a small capacitor to the RX in order to prevent high load voltage drop-offs that result in a loss of power and signal to the RX


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How many servos are you running and what BEC power output is there? All servos should start at the centre or whatever their trim is set to. You shouldn’t add capacitors to the receiver, you should use a bigger BEC.
You should always have the TX powered on with the model selected before turning on the RX.
I just tried again. So when I have all the servo leads hooked up, I turn on the TX, then plug in the RX and then the all the servos go to their extremes and the RX starts beeping that it is low on voltage. I'm just using the 9gram flite test servos


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That’s interesting. When they go out to their max travel they are using the maximum power. Try with just two and see what it does. 4 typical 9G shouldn’t brown out the BEC. Does the esc get hot?
Make sure your servo plugs are the right way around, with +/ground and signal all the same across the board.
two works just fine. all are facing the correct way. IDK it's probably not worth having to buy all new esc and servos. I just didn't know if it was something that could be programmed on the RX


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It isn’t a TX issue, there is nothing wrong with the servos either. If two work then the BEC is working too.
Someone else might have help for you. @bracesport has some Flysky experience.


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What happens with 3 servos?
Is it possible one of the 2 servos which are not hooked up is causing an issue?


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I have experienced a faulty new servo that was drawing such high current that the BEC was folding. I did not diagnose it and just blamed poor wiring and the like until the Servo case started melting during a preflight. I picked up the plane and put a finger on the servo. I quicly dropped the plane at the servo was extremely hot.

I replaced the faulty servo and everything was fine.

Just my experience!

Have fun!