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Flyzone S.E.5a

I was surfing Tower looking for a good plane to buddy box with my Girlfriend and came across the Flyzone Micro SE5a on sale for a heck of a deal. $39

Would go great with my TTX 650 and TTX 404 Tactic combo. And while a scale micro probably isn't the best plane for learning (she has no RC plane experience, but does really well on my RC Cars) At that price I almost couldn't go wrong.

Does anyone else here have one of these? Does it fly docile enough for a beginner?


Dedicated foam bender
I'm not sure that any micro is great for a beginner. Are they flyable? Sure! But being small means they are much more twitchy, suceptable to wind and can get out of sight quickly, none of which are good for a beginner.
I wouldn't pass up the deal, but use it as an incentive builder("as soon as you are ready, you can fly this") for her as you teach her to fly on a bigger trainer. It will be more enjoyable for her...