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Flyzone se5


FTafterhours podcast host
I got to see this new flyzone micro se5 at jr indoor. I must say the detail on there latest micro warbird is fantastic and it seemed to fly just as we'll. can't wait to get my hands on one



Nice looking little plane. I wish there was a micro-receiver compatible with the Turnigy 9x. I don't own Spektrum and that A6400 (?) is too damned pricey. I have a 24" wingspan Guillow's Super Cub ready for covering. I'd love to make it a 4 channel indoor flyer. Tell HobbyKing to get on that micro thing, will ya? :D
Hobbyking now sells an Orange module for JR module transmitters but they sell Turnigy 9x's for 50 bucks. It's a good looking transmitter for so little and it wouldn't hurt having a foamy dedicated transmitter.