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Foamboard Help


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New, not sure exactly where this should go...
Anyways I finished an FT mini Corsair yesterday and I think I'm using too strong/heavy of a material. I'm using a product by Elmer's, it's pretty thick and sturdy but still 20x30. That said, what's the foam of choice (besides FT maker!) around here?


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Based on the videos, it is Adam's brand aka dollar tree brand and see this article showing that that some other foamboards are heavier and stronger (probably the case with your Elmer's).

I have used some Elmer's for table top terrain crafting and the paper is much harder to remove then the Adam's brand stuff, which means it is probably glued on and heavier. I haven't got any of the Adam's brand yet myself... looking forward to a let up on the quarantine to go get that.
I'm using a product by Elmer's
Elmer's is twice the weight of white Adam's Readi-Board (the original Flite Test foam board). You will not have much success using Elmer's for Flite Test airplanes. They'll be very heavy. Elmer's builds will also tend to be tail heavy requiring even more weight in the nose to balance. Dollar Tree stores carry the Adam's brand. Walmart stores sometimes have Ross foam board which is very similar to Adam's. Ross is an acceptable substitute; I've used it and like it.


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I've used some other foam boards and you definatlly need to watch the tail weight, but it is much tougher paper and less apt to denting and wrinkling , usually the paper is very flat as others can be quite wavy