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Focused on my goals of the day

Many times I have read that before going out to fly, having a goal or purpose is a good idea. Going out to the field without a plan or goal may seem at the end of the day like nothng has been accomplished. Just to have fun, practice maneuvers, maiden, etc. are a few goals to focus on. While not flying, do not shy away from asking questions about your last flight while it is still fresh in your mind. Having another pilot with you can be very helpful as he/she can see something you may have missed.

Communication with others and asking questions about their flying methods may enhanse yours and make your flight time more enjoyable.

Still being rather new in fllying, I find that before leaving the house a quick once over the fiight checklist ensures a not to worry attitude is helpful.

One goal I have is trimmng the plane to a straight and level flying attitude. The next time (the same day) I would just have fun doing loops, wingovers or slow fly-byes. 2 - twenty minute flights per visit to the field works for me.

What goal do you have and/or advice can you share about being focused?

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
I like to push myself to get better. Whether it's smoother landings, shorter landings, practicing a certain maneuver or whatever, it's good to put in some real practice. I've spent several hours at the gym doing lap after lap after lap in knife edge, trying to follow the lines on the basket ball court. It might not seem as fun but it really is. Especially the next time my buddies are there and I get to show off my knife edge skills lol.