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FOR SALE Remnants of a Flight Test Kit

Hello everyone,

I am selling the remnants of my Tiny Trainer kit (power pack A.) It is all there minus 2 control wires, and some of the laser cut wood pieces. Everything is still new in the box. I received this kit for Christmas 2 years ago and just haven't had the time to build it or invest in the hobby. I am asking for 100.00 OBO for the supplies which you can see below. You can email me at ball.jackson5@gmail.com (Jackson is your contact) for questions or offers. We can do payment through Paypal and I can ship to you. (Not pictured is the other beginner trainer disk for the controller which is included)

4 emax servos
2 props
3 servo wires
1 battery
1 motor controller
1 emax multi coptor rotor
1 balsa control arm package
2 flight test brand screw and hex driver
1 set of beginner flight controller limiters
1 battery charger
1 battery transport case
1 Spektrum DXe transmitter with pairing key, stickers and receiver
1 strip of battery velcro
2 control wires
2 flight test stickers