Fowl Fyer Swappable as first plane?


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Fowl Flyer Swappable as first plane?

Hello all ,

I am thinking about building the small fowl flyer as my first plane. I have no previous flight time, but I really like the

design. What do you guys thik? Does anyone have any idea how much a six channel radio and all the other

nonfoam parts would cost?

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Welcome to Flite Test, Mike. Building an airplane as your first venture into RC flying is a steep hill to climb, even with a simple design like the little Fowl Flyer. But, it can be done.

As a rough estimate on the cost of electronics, figure $50 for a motor/esc/prop/servos and $70ish for an affordable programmable radio (such as the Flysky/Turnigy 9x) with shipping. You can buy less expensive 6 channel radios, but if you are going to stick with the hobby, you will want a programmable radio.

All of the Flite Test build videos have links to all required parts for their designs. is a good source for the affordable transmitter.


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I think an Old Fogey swappable as a first plane is a great idea myself. I think the simplicity of build added to the self righting slow fly tendencies makes it top notch. Added bonus? It looks like a plane.

I happened upon one of the hobbyking cheapo radio by accident and kind of like it. I've handed it, a couple of batteries, and a spare motor to someone who wanted to get started while they wait the long weeks for their hobbyking shipment. But earthsciteach is absolutely correct, you want dual rates, expo, and mixing if you want to get into more complicated flying. But if startup cost is prohibitive, a simple radio will hold one for a while.

I've got the startup list down to $100 bill for all US same week delivery that I give people and it includes the Hobbyking exceed knockoff tx. The total will be going up slightly now that I will be recommending the swappable speedbuild kits, but still less than the Stratos that flew away from me when I started.