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FPV battery question

Hi everyone,

I just ordered a transmitter and receiver for FPV. I wanted to see what you guys do for a battery for your FPV equipment. Do I just splice it into my main battery or run a separate battery? If I run a separate battery what kind of mah rating do I need for a 10-15 minute flight? Thanks!


Eternal Student
Many modern cameras and VTx's can run off of 2-4s LiPo's, but you should check the voltages on your equipment before connecting. Some equipment requires 5V, which you can get from your BEC (if running a fixed wing, you didn't specify).
Yeah I was a little vague. I am getting into FPV for the first time and I am probably putting it on a modified mini arrow that I have made with a larger electronics cavity for the fpv gear. I am running a lumier 2400kv motor with a 3s setup. Below is a link for the fpv transmitter I have coming. Would it be better to tie it into my current 3s battery or use a separate battery for my fpv? I am also using a Mobius for the camera so it has its own power. Thank you so much for any help you can give!