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fpv board camera case

I posted this on the securitycamera 2000 thread on rcgroups, thought it might help others here as well.

I biffed my pz0420 so I had to order a 2nd. Don't want to ruin it again and I hate the metal case.

So I made my own case. Notice you will have to cut the outer section of the board. I practiced on my dead camera.

part #

drill/ream a hole with a small notch for the lens set screw, cut out hole for wire out the back, line with foam (optional)

line 2 corners with foam since there are no standoffs. snip the 2 existing standoffs ABOUT 1/2 way down, maybe a little less.

cut out outer frame from camera board, test fit.

I need to get longer screws since I cut the standoffs.

You could use hot glue or welder glue to "seal" the opening around the lens. I will mount with double sided tape or velcro on an aluminum tab on my quad.