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fpv goggles


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There aren’t any fatshark style goggles under $220. It’s box goggles only at the entry level. The Eachine EV200 is the only smaller profile set under $250. I would buy cheap 600d or 800d box goggles if you are desperate or save up for second hand Fatsharks if you want better ones.


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Look up Dutch RC on U Tube. He has tested and tried almost every model out there. Also if you wear glasses and depending how bad your eyesight is most won't work for you.
It's kinda sad to say but it really is an all or nothing situation. There really isn't much middle ground. I believe FDS (foamdata service,right?) is right about either getting box goggles or save up for fatsharks. A lot of people have had success with the eachine box sets. Personally I started with a quanum set fro HK. Vipers are pricey but they are fantastic and the removable monitor is a nice touch. Goggles are sadly a "get what you pay for" experience. It hurt shelling out $400 to get my dom v3 set up, but I have loved using them. If you are spending hundreds of dollars buying something, you kinda want to make sure you like what you get. It's important to make sure you like FPV before you really buy into it. These are just a few thoughts. I hope they help.


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I own the ev800, vr d2 pro and ev200d and I have tried the vr006.
All of them are good quality and have a great picture, the ev800 only has a small faceplate which makes the fit on the face a bit small.
They are all good for their price point so any of those is a good bet, especially the vr006.


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Sweet. It is awesome to know that you're in the community. You will never know how low you can loop until you try.
I know, it’s about the height of a set of rugby posts. The fact my SE5 came home in a bag tells me this.
Oh, what did you just do....:eek:;) :LOL::ROFLMAO: It'll need a scoring system of course. Video mandatory. How to judge the distance from the ground....:unsure:
That's interesting. Honestly, all I have heard about them hasn't been very impressive, but I would be interest to hear the other side. It definitely makes me want to actually try them on.
the reason you've heard bad reviews is because there was honestly no comparable product and the was compared to headsets 5 times the price.
Yep stock antenna is garbage. That is about the only thing true I've seen in videos. The foam is a little thick but I swapped it with fatsharks foam increasing the fov. Of course not real diversity but I fly 600mw most of the time and get great signal. They have a great working fan. Tons of good mods. Pretty much the best modders goggle out. Whays interesting is folks complained about the fov being too small but the individual eyeball screen adjustments imo are the best feature. Batteries last forever and headset can be powered via usb while sitting at computer sim.
I use em for fixed wing multirotors And trucks.


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I mod everything else I have. Lots of the stuff in RC kit is bloody tiny and on integrated boards, which has put me off.
Eachine themselves have conveniently put the 200d receiver module out as a separate item.