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So I just built my first quad for FPV freestyle but I only built a LOS quad to start out with just so I could learn how to fly LOS better. My first question is when am I ready to fly FPV? I feel like I could fly FPV now but I don't know for sure. I can fly directionally when the quad is facing away from me but I have a hard time when it starts to face different directions. However, I am not super worried about this though because when flying FPV you are always flying away from you. Pushing the stick right always makes the quad go right. I have been getting flips and rolls down too. Also, do you guys have any suggestions for what I can do LOS to help learn how to fly LOS better and how I can prepare for FPV flying?

My second part of this thread is what to buy. I know that you need a camera, video transmitter, video receiver, and goggles or a monitor. I was looking at the Runcam Swift or the HS1177 for the camera. Which one would be better for FPV freestyle? For the goggle I was looking at these Eachine goggles. Will these work good? Do you guys have any other suggestions? For the goggles this is at the higher end of my budget, I like the fatshark goggles but they are really expensive. Are the Quanum V2 and Quanum V2 Pro very good? I could go cheap now and save up for fatshark goggles. The part that really confuses me is the video transmission part of FPV. Should I get 5.8ghz? What power level should I get(600mw or 250mw)? What do I need to buy for the video transmission part of FPV? How do I power the camera setup? Antennas?

If it helps I am running an almost identical setup to the Rotor Riot Alien build. The only difference is that I am running emax 2205 2300kv motors. Thanks in advanced for all of the help.
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