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FPV transmitter range question

Captain Video

Well-known member
I have a RMRC Cricket Cam V2 - 5.8 GHz 25mw - RHCP Antenna. I have it attached to a mini Arrow but the transmission drops out from my Fat Shark goggles around 50-60ft. Is this normal or do I need to upgrade antennas?
Captain Video


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First I'd make sure you were using the same channel. At short range, you can get a clear signal on 2 adjacent channels and will drop out when you get some distance. Second I'd check your antennas make sure both are "right hand". At short range you can get reception from a mix of right hand & left hand antennas.


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I'm leaning towards being on a channel that's close, not the actual channel you want. I've gotten about 150-200 ft with my RHCP Fatshark antenna and the stock "dipole" antenna on my Inductrix Pro, which runs a 25 mw camera. I consider that a decent distance at the ball fields, because when I start getting near the light poles, I get fuzziness/video drop for a sec or two...