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So I have accumulated many broken micros over the years and have never been able to think of such a thing so what I did was took I corsair wing I broke into three pieces and glued it back together then cut off the top of a hobbyzone champ fuselage (1 of the three I broke) then used a foam safe ca to glue it to the top of the fuselage. Then I took the tail of a corsair and cut the champ fuselage to fit to this tail and glued It in place. Then took a receiver (almost new had 3-4 crashes) and put it in the fuselage using the same ca glue. Then went to plug in a Parkzone 51 motor into it and all the prongs busted off the receiver making it the bulkiest glider ever because I didn't have time to order a new one for the competition. A happy accident was the CG was right on the first time.


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Congrats on the successful free flight!

Got a link up on the main thread.

When you get that TX up and running let us know how it flies under power!