frcfoamies f15


Hey guys, I am building the frcFoamies F15 and everything is coming along great.

Have any of you built any of these planes?

I am at the stage where i am starting to think about electronics. my question is in relation to the location of the electronics in the plane. I cant find any info that gives the best location for stuff. it seems many people cut a hatch in the back to house most of the electronics, but with the battery further up front under the canopy.

Is this indeed the best way?

Also how should I route my servo wires into the fueslage. I plan on having elevators and ailerons.
I was thinking of pushing the wires in through the back next to the motor, but the gap around the motor mount just isn't big enough. How did you route your wires? should I cut in the hatch in the back and then just poke some holes through the sides of the fuselage and then into the nacelles so i can get the wires that way? I could cut some more of the motor mount away so i can fit the wires next to it, but i'm fearful that this will weaken the motor mount.

Also do you have any other tips? I am thinking about attaching my motor to the motor mount before glueing it into the plane as i think the screws will be hard to reach once it's installed. What do you think?

This is a 96% sized plane, as the printer i used scaled it down a little bit.



I have built several of their planes. Yes, the hatch and canopy both are the way to go to get the cg right. Also, where you cut in your servos in the fuse, just cut small holes to route the wires straight to the reciever. Don't try to go past the motor, to much of a chance to get the wires caught by the prop.


Cool. Thanks for the advice mate. Just wondering. If you still have one built could you take a couple of pics for me? Just showing how you routed your wires? That would be truly awesome if you could.

Thanks mate