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Free Plane In oklahoma if you want to take it to Flite Fest

I have a 200% simple cub ( slightly modified) airframe built ready to have electronics put in. Built it as a prototype and would hate to throw it away. If anyone is driving through Oklahoma they can have it.


Hi, looks good! I'm from south central Kansas so won't be driving through OK on the way to Flite Fest, but wondering what part of OK you are in. If you aren't to far from me I could possibly be interested. What size motor/esc and servos would be proper to power it?
Im in guthrie, so about 40 miles north of OKC. I could drive a bit to meet you. Would just love to see someone get it going at flitefest and send me pics.

Servos would be 19-26 g i bet
Motor size 46 with 50-60 amp ECS. If you wanted you could graft on wing pods and do 2-3 smaller motors. Im sure someone at flitefest could help get it going


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sorry, I’m in Wichita KS but I am flying out for business and am going to FliteFest while I’m there but I already shipped my planes. I would have had the equipment too. Sorry 😐
I think we can get it to Flite Fest. I'm from Partridge KS and google maps says that"s 2 hours 46 min. from you. If someone closer wants to get it, that's fine. I'll keep an eye on this thread and if no one else steps up before it works for me to make a little trip to OK I will check with you on a time to meet. -Jeff P.S. I have a Eflite power 60 motor around here looking for a home, I think that should have enough guts to make it fly scale (or a little more).
60 size should be more than scale. I am guessing at a flying weight of about 7 lbs. I can meet you a little north of me to save you some time.
I'm heading to Flite Fest on Tuesday, so guess I need to make arrangements to pick this up before then. Sunday afternoon or evening is probably what would work the best for me. Is that workable? My email is jffryydr@yahoo.com if you want to work it out off the forum. If you email, I will be happy to give you my phone # so we can talk or text if that is easier.