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Frsky Qx7 Obsolete?

Has anyone heard of the Qx7 being obsolete? I don't know much in respects to the hobby, I'm a noob. I did though buy a Qx7 last year and have purchased multiple receivers and had planned on buying more. Anyone more experienced know anything?
I get all worked up and most of the times impatient I was already connected via e-mail with Aloft Hobbies about another issue I was having and asked them as well, they responded:

"Hi Danny,
No, it is not obsolete, they have started producing them with a different RF board for use with their ACCESS system. They will have update kits available for a small fee for those that have the ACCST version. You will still be able to use your receivers, they are still being produced with the ACCST Protocol, with exception to the D and V series. The D and V series are being phased out.
With the hardware update, there will be a firmware and ISRM update required.
I would Stick to the X series receivers if buying multiple receivers at this point. The new radios and the new system will not work with the D and V series.
The Qx7 is too popular to be discontinued.

So not being 100% in tune with the latest trends I am relieved. I'm trying to pursue this 2nd hobby and not get shot by my wife at the same time. Thanks for chiming in.

Ihichi Bolls

Well-known member
With open tx its near imposdible to be obsolete..

Frshy switching to the new propritary protocol may make them not support it but its in the community now so It will be around for a long long time.

The only reason it would become obsolete is if the government forces specific protocols for rc and makes open source illegal to fly because ut can be modded to do dam near anything.