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FrSky XJT compatibility question


Senior Member
Does anyone know if the new FrSky XJT module will work with the Turnigy 9x or 9xr?

I know it's supposed to fit the JR style module port which both 9x and 9xr have, but does it actually work?

I'm assuming of course that the firmware will have to be upgraded to the new OpenTX which the same as in the Taranis.




Dedicated foam bender
I'm using the FrSky DJT module on my 9X and never had any issues whatsoever. It's my understanding the modules just take a ppm signal from the pins and convert that to whatever protocol the module is and transmit. As I understand it, this means it should work the same with the XJT, but I have not tested it. The firmware shouldn't have to be updated just to change a module. I had to update my FW so I could display telemetry on the 9X screen, but that's another animal.