FT 1000th episode is next... Guess what?


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Flite Test will publish their 1000th episode this week. Any ideas on what they have up their sleeve?

I still remember the Monster Plans on the 400th. This should be really BIG!

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Billy did it....
400th episode was on Mar 31, 2014, almost 2 years to the date.

So 2 episodes per week for 2 years comes to about 208.

Far cry from a 1000.


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Well beat me with a stick!

Sorry for getting ahead of this. Here is what it said on the Author's listing:

Made the mistake of thinking that there articles were only their episodes... This was a false assumption.

Then I saw this under the FT Articles tab:

Well - the 1000th is coming... but not as soon as I thought. Still - it will be fun to see what they come up with.
Sorry for the cry of wolf.
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Dang, you had me going too... I just joined the forum today and one of the first post is to intro yourself. I was like yeah I just found you and I think I have watched just about all of your shows. So when you said 1000, I was like OMG I have missed over half so I was about do an all weekend veg on youtube. Lol, pretty funny Mr. Peter. BTW, I'm traveling for school so as of right now, I have nothing better to do on weekends but veg out.