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FT Bloody Wonder Help

I am going to scratch build the bloody wonder. I haven't built any of the swapables so I don't know how much foam I will need. If anyone lives in the UK and has found a good setup that doesn't come from hobbyking because of shipping could you please comment on what and where you got the parts from. I already have a 4ch tx, rx and 3cell charger so I don't need those. If you have also found a place to find cheap foam could you also comment. Thank You!


New member
the bloody wonder can be made from 2 pieces of foam if i remember correctly. each foamboard sheet that Josh and Josh use is 20x30 inches. i bought all my electronics from hobbyking, i cant really comment about the other places. aparently lazertoyz has some flitetest kits available, so you can buy all the stuff you need in one bundle.

good luck on your build. I love the bloody wonder. :)