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This is a very different and unique project. See if you can design(with a metal gear servo) and fly a FT plane where it rotates the wing to some degree and completes a flight. If no servo is used, just pin the oblique wing at an angle and let it complete a flight. Then unloosen, try a higher angle. Watch out for the pitch and roll effects. Furthest FT back wins. If a metal gear is used(reduces the chance of stripping) , unload the G force before changing. Found that out while moving with the TOMCAT wing.
Tom Stanton, would like you to try?, where I envision a multi engine(2) version in the future that is only a wing(you can try with a fuse), so as it takes off and rotates itself, the powerplants rotate(3D printing gear mechanism?) a matching angle so to be perpendicular to the airflow at all times. Think of the reduction of drag with this one.


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I remember seeing pictures of NASA's oblique wing test plane! I didn't realize that it was Burt Rutan who had designed it!