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FT cruiser problems... HELP!


Junior Member
i built my first swappable last week (FT Cruiser) and i love it!! best plane i have ever had. plenty of power and flies amazing. at half throttle it flies perfect but when i give it thrust it just pulls up i know they said they fixed that but i am still having problems. is it as simple as adding another piece of foam board in the nacelles or what?


Senior Member
It may be a CG issue as well, I know when I made my scratch built FT Cruiser I had to add nose weight, even with a 2650mAh battery all the way forward. It was a hairy maiden with a tail heavy cruiser!


Junior Member
thanks i added a lot of weight to the nose and hopefully that will work i need to invest in a bigger battery the two motors draw alot of power but the plane is great. if adjusting the cg didnt work i will add another sheet of foam under the nacelles


Your ADD Care Bear
Well the airframe was designed as a FVP platform so that's where I would guess the missing nose weight plays a part. If you could get some pics of your build we would be able to get a better idea what's going on...
Flat bottom wings are known to be pitch sensitive, in relation to speed. Adding down-thrust angle to the motor can help offset this(the purpose of the foam shim to the front of the power-pod accomplishes the same thing). :D