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FT Flats

Hey everybody this idea may have been mentioned before but I thought I'd throw it out there again because new year new season new things coming I've been following flight test since literally K1 and I absolutely love the content I love the products I've even gotten to meet everybody on staff at Flite Fest South in in Texas one thing that I really would love to see and anybody please feel free to chime in for all of the simple swappable kids they're still somewhat three dimensional I'd love to see some profile designs and I just call them ft Flats because I thought it was cute I'd love to see all of the designs made in some type of simple profile design things that you can do quickly and easily and I know from a money perspective if anybody cares they're easy to make on a laser they cut quickly they're easy for users to make with a foam knife they're cheap there simple the margins are good and I think they'd make for excellent Flyers so just tossing my idea in the ring there