FT Flyer build questions?


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I know very little about rc planes, so sorry in advance for the simple questions.

I've never built a plane before and fancy giving the FT Flyer a go. I have some very simple questions (to begin with anyway)

1) what type of push rods should I use?
2) what type of Clevis should I use?
3) I have a Spektrum DX5e transmitter; will I be ok using any receiver that has the DSMX or DSM2 standard?

I'm planning on buying most parts from hobbyking so if they have something I should use then that would be great.



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1.2mm or 1mm piano wire is good
2.usually for push rod you can make a z bend on one end of the wire(which connects to the control horn) and use a linkage stopper on the servo.


Im start building FT Flayer to,was ordering all parts today from Ebay,motor and transmiter from Hobbyking!
Good luck!!!


Thank you!i think my a bit more,cuz a diferent type of foam board