ft flyer

  1. Foamforce

    Part Medium Firewall 1.0

    When I built the Mini Old Fogey, I realized that the firewall it used wasn't the standard swappable firewall and it wasn't the mighty mini firewall either. The new size also appears on the new Nutball and the new FT Flyer. I designed this one in Tinkercad, shamelessly copying the general design...
  2. flitetest

    Plane FT Flyer 1.1

    FT Flyer Designed By: Josh Bixler Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: The FT Flyer is a scratch built air frame designed specifically for our 'swappable fuselage' series (airplanes with a swappable powerpod). Speed Build Kit: Discontinued Power Pack Compatibility: Power Pack B...
  3. Flyingshark

    Mini FT Flyer

    I'd like to build the FT Flyer, and I have enough parts to build a 3ch mini-sized plane. I'd rather use the stuff I've already got than order a power pack B. (and if I do get one, it'll probably end up in an FT Explorer...) Anyway, I'm planning on scaling down the FT Flyer plans to fit my A pack...
  4. M

    New to RC Bult FT Flyer

    Hey I'm new to RC and I just Built the FT Flyer but a friend gave me a 30 A ESC a 1000KV Brush-less motor and a 10x4.5 Propeller. Will this work at all? PS Using Flysky Transmitter and Receiver the i6 one.
  5. L

    FT flyer conversion.

    Hi all, I was thinking of fitting a FT flyer to a mini power pod. What percent should I print the plans at? Thanks!
  6. Fuzzy Whumpkin

    The FT Flyer is Highly Questionable!!!

    Hey Y'all, Working on my first RC build :applause: Progress: motor, props, tx/rx, and batteries are all in, waiting on an ESC from china. I got bored this weekend and bought 2 sheets of foamboard, and was surprised to get an FT FLYER and a NUTBALL out of 2 sheets!! BUT, I have a problem...
  7. S

    Hi, new guy with a question about the FT Flyer

    So I just finished building a FT flyer and I have not maiden it yet. I am wondering if I should add downthrust to the Flyer because I read that some have done it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  8. D

    Aless first flight!

    This was my son's first successfull flight. We have been bitten by the Flite Test bug!!! We built the Ft Flyer, NutBall, Delta Flyer, and the Old Fogey. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lrcydJt2S2o
  9. G

    Greetings and a quick question re: balance of FT Flyer, plus bonus question.

    The FT Flyer is not my first plane, but it is my first FT foam board build. Previous scratch builds were wire-cut foam ribbed planes that flew very well in the hands of a decent pilot. That is something I am not, so I switched over to the FT Flyer for getting better, before I put my current...
  10. Y

    FT Flyer - Power Pack A?

    I really wanted to build a Mini Arrow as my first RC plane, especially after Josh and Josh said wings were good for noobs in the Beginner Series videos, so I bought a Power Pack A and started cutting foam... But now reading on here I'm getting scared out of it! I'm thinking I might want to try...
  11. Centus

    Modification to FT Flyer for THE BEEF

    Hi all, Newbie to R/C flying and Flitetest here! I'd like to show y'all my FT Flyer build that I just finished last night which includes a simple but hopefully worthy modification. Quick backstory, last week I built my first foamie (a FT Mustang) from the speed-build kit. It went really well...
  12. N

    what battery to get?

    i have this motor its 2212/10 1400kv motor with a 30 amp BEC i was wonder what size battery would i need if i wanted to use it on a ft flyer is the motor too much, from the swappable electronics list i see that there is a 500mAh 2s and500mAh 3s are one of these ok my motor is almost exactly...
  13. J

    FT Flyer weight/cg issues

    Hello all, I recently completed my first FT Flyer, maidened it, and have already gone through 8 props and many many crashes. I apparently built her ok because she's still alright aside from some scuffed corners. I simply have not been able to get this plane to fly correctly. I am a first time...
  14. Zaring

    Did I get Duped?

    http://i.imgur.com/x4UFqqj.jpg I recently started trying to get back into this hobby. I had a couple of RTF's and enjoyed them right up until I crashed them. I got scared of repairing and quit. Everything that I had is gone, so I started from scratch again. I decided that I wanted to build a...
  15. K

    FT Flyer build questions?

    Hi, I know very little about rc planes, so sorry in advance for the simple questions. I've never built a plane before and fancy giving the FT Flyer a go. I have some very simple questions (to begin with anyway) 1) what type of push rods should I use? 2) what type of Clevis should I use? 3) I...
  16. J

    Shitty european cardboard FT Flyer!

    Hi Guys Recently i got a new smart tv, witch by the way is awesome, and since I, like most european people, have no good source for cheap building materials i decided to build an FT flyer from the smart tv cardboard box. It weighted in at about 410g, but i had to put a 1800mAh battery on to...
  17. L

    Granddaughter's first build FT Flyer

    Hi Flyers, I am so proud of my granddaughter. She said that she wanted to build something. When I ask what she said an airplane. We settled on the FT Flyer. She is 12 years old and had learned to use a hot glue gun in school. She transferred patterns, cut the foam with hobby knives and glued up...
  18. J

    FT Flyer, crooked wings

    I'm building my first plane (FT Flyer) and have noticed that my wings aren't even. Will it still fly ok? Everything looked square when I built my power pod, and again when I made the Flyer's rear fuselage, and it looked fine when I attached the rear box to the wings. But when I attach the power...
  19. S

    FT Flyer (and all swappables) all up weights

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding info on the all up weight of the FT flyer, and it got me to thinking that it would be really helpful if this was a detail on the article for each plane. I'm in the UK and have used the heavier foam board they sell here, along with some probably very OTT pushrods...
  20. 0

    Power pod question

    Hey all, I am new to scratch building and RC in general. I am attempting to scratch build my first FT Flyer. I taped the tiled plans together and before I began cutting it out I decided to measure the distance between the tabs on the power pod as well as where the tabs meet the wings on the FT...