1. waynecollins

    Problems with Receiver on my new Gremlin Build

    I just finished building my Gremlin, following TJ's Build Video. Everything went smoothly until I tried to configure the gremlin with Betaflight Configurator 10.8.0. Using Betaflight I can connect to the controller and the gyro is working fine, pitch/roll/yaw. My controller seemed to be up to...
  2. G

    Guardian Gremlin build video

    Hello, I just ordered a Guardian Gremlin to build with my daughter for her birthday. I have built five or six foam board planes and always used a build video. I assumed that there would be a build video for the newest Gremlin, but all I found was a four year old video for the first round of...
  3. flitetest

    Part Insta360 GO 2 Guardian Camera Mount 1.0

    Insta360 GO 2 Camera Mount for FT Guardian Design By: David Jester 3D printable camera mount for the Insta360 GO 2 designed to be mounted on the Flite Test Guardian multirotor frame. Print Settings: Filament: colorFabb LW-PLA (Light Weight PLA) Flow: 55% Nozzle: 230° C Infill...
  4. S


    Meant to get this stuff sold a while back and life got in the way of even that. Complete package ready to get the new FliteTester off the ground. All you need is Foamboard, hotglue and tape to get in the air. - Spektrum DX8 - Original Lanyard, Charger, Bind plug Ect. - LemonRX 6ch DSMN...
  5. M

    Newbie Communication Issues, Please Help.

    Ok my son and I are building a gremlin. Here is the situation. The receiver is bound to the transmitter but when we plug in to beta flight the receiver and flight controller seem to be connected as in if you move the FC board the animated drone in beta flight moves with it but the transmitter...
  6. K

    FT Gremlin extremely underpowered, help!

    Hello I bought a flitetest gremlin that one of the founders, Matt, had built for me at flitefest 2019. The quad was great and zippy for a few weeks but then began getting sluggish and have no punch. The batteries are not the problem because I use them in other planes and they work great, and...
  7. S

    A bit of Porch Flying

    Well it doesn't compare to the freestyle flying that you see around the forums. It's just a bit of fun on a lovely sunny evening to sit on the porch and fly my FT Gremlin and get some aerial views of my wife's lovely garden... and please no supercilious comments about the fact I am flying in...
  8. kdobson83

    FT Gremlin (TJ Frame) for sale

    So I decided to sell the FT Gremlin and move up to a larger quad. I'd kill for David's new Tricopter but I don't know anything about building/tuning multirotors and don't want to start with and advanced build like his Tricopter. ANYWAY, I am selling my Gremlin, TJ's frame. It has all the basic...
  9. A

    Building gremlin for the first time.

    I want to build a gremlin and I looked at the video they have on YouTube. Since I would use the Flite Test Power Pack G V2 would I follow the same steps. Won’t the soldering be different? This would be my first build and I don’t want to screw up and destroy the components.
  10. Mid7night

    Part 3D Printed EDF Duct - 1106 Gremlin Motor v4

    This is the print file for the custom EDF motor-mount-ducts that I designed for my 7ft B-52. It has been updated to work with 2" props, and has motor mount holes for the 1106 size motors.
  11. Mid7night

    Plane B-52 - 7ft Foamboard EDF v2

    Here are plans for my 7ft span B-52, powered by EIGHT 1106-4500Kv Gremlin motors. It's a pretty simple build, but for more info visit the forum thread!
  12. FlyinLow

    Help! F3 femto FC on gremlin setup

    Hey everyone, I need some help with my F3 femto flight controller on my gremlin. I first built my gremlin a couple months back and after many flights and crashes it was time for me to replace the f3 femto FC. So I ordered a hole brand new micro power pack that comes with new motors, ESCs, and f3...
  13. J

    Offer FT Gremlin for sale

    1x Built TJ Complete Gremlin Kit (with Turtle Mode and new camera, needs at least one new motor) 1x FrSky XM+...
  14. PenguinWings

    Femto F3 Short Circuit Hunt

    Hello Everyone, My Femto F3 on my Gremlin seems to have a tiny short. It powers up okay, arms most of the time, and even begins to spin up the motors. If I spike the throttle, however, it goes back to idle and disarms. I put a multimeter on the power leads and got an 11 on the highest Ohms...
  15. A

    Gremlin doesn't fly with camera

    I build my gremlin a while back and then after I had a hard crash the camera stopped working all together. I've replaced it with a new one but now when I hook the camera up it takes off and flies a few feet and then crashes. It sounds like things might be rebooting. Is the flight controller...
  16. D

    blheli gremlin esc issues

    I am in a bit of a pickle.. Built my gremlin, and had gotten threw all the way to the motor reversal step in blheli. Up to this point I have had no connection issue, motors spun up fine in betaflight. Now in blheli, it is having weird communication issues as at first, none of the esc's...
  17. J

    Issue with New Gremlin

    So I have built up my new gremlin and it was flying fine for a couple weeks. Then I crashed really hard strait into a wall. Now the drone starts drifting really badly and I am not sure what to do. I have it soft mounted, tried recalibrating the acc. What else is there to do. It takes off fine...
  18. N

    Multi rotor build videos

    Hey guys, While FT is excellent at making build videos for their foamy's, I do not find any build vid's for the Gremlin/Turbo edition. I bought one of the kits on the fundraiser, but could use some guidance on the build. Also how about a file of the Pid's and settings stuff for beta-flight...
  19. R

    Gremlin motor issues, please help

    Hi, I just finished my gremlin build and everything went well up until the point that I was ready to maiden. At this point motor 2 stopped arming properly and instead does a twitchy pulse 4 times and then beeps and will not spin. The motor was spinning fine when I was checking motor directions...
  20. jdawson

    Gremlin + Run Cam Split Micro

    Hi All: I did do a search through the forum but couldn't find a tread on this topic so I apologize if this has been covered before. If it has please just provide a link to the right thread. But I was wondering if all you gremlin wizards have tried a configuration with the run cam split...