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FT Guinea Pig - Are counter rotating props necessary ?

FT Guinea Pig Prop Rotation

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the power pack for the guinea pig comes with counter rotating props but not counter rotating prop adapters for the motors

is it necessary for the plane to have counter rotating propellers?

i tried to put counter rotating props on it but the torque of the motor made the prop nut unscrew and fly off

Thanks, Ciaran

ps i have not flown the plane as i am still building it and just finished the wing and power pods


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Be sure to secure the prop nuts. They should be tightened using a dowel or hex wrench that fits in the holes at the top of the nut.
You do not have to have counter rotating props on it. However, if they turn the same way, you will get torque roll when you hit the throttle. If they counter rotate, the torque will cancel out.


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I do what Razor said, allen wrench in the spinner to achieve enough torque.

Beginner pilot yes, intermediate/advanced no. Ailerons with rudder will get you back home if you are at altitude when motor powers off.

Twin flying wing (Kraken), mandatory for all skill levels. If not, carry extra change of clothes because there will likely be two accidents! :eek:
I was able to barely limp back, then dead stick land.

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FT Guinea Pig

You do not need to have both motors counter-rotating. It seems as if you only have counter-rotating propellers. In that case, yes you will need to have them counter-rotating.