1. Belial2801

    Cw or ccw propeller

    Hello, I don't know if this is the correct topic but I couldn't find another one, so this is my question, whats the biggest difference between a cw propeller and a ccw propeller, if i use a ccw propeller could it reduce the engine thrust? Im building my first plane ( ft simple cub) and i almost...
  2. N

    Question about a propeller

    Hey forum! I was wondering where I can find resources regarding the correct electronic parts for a propeller that has these generic specifications: 13x6.5 Carbon Fiber Electric Propeller for RC Airplane Size: 13x6.5 Mounting Hole: 8mm Adaptor Rings: 1x 5mm /1x 6mm Hub Thickness: 8mm Thank you!
  3. GParr

    I'm new and I need help picking props!

    I am a complete drone building newbie. I am finally completing the build of my Versa copter V2 that I bought years ago. But I have little idea of what props to buy. I know Josh in the Versa copter V2 build video installs 2 blade 6040 props. However, I see more serious quads using 3 blade props...
  4. mmmries

    Propeller Breaking Mid-Flight?

    Hi All 👋 I've been getting back into RC flight after years away from the hobby. It's been especially fun to do it with my oldest son who is learning to fly with a buddy box system. Recently we built a Piper Pawnee PA 36 from Tony 65x55's plans from the old rcgroups forum. It flies great with the...
  5. A

    Help! Help with motor and propellors

    I will have a weight of around 1.5 pounds on my drone and want to know what motor with prop combination will get me the most efficiency with a 5500mAh 3c battery. I am new at this but am building a quadcopter that needs to be able to go around 1.5 miles or 2400 meters. I was thinking about 8"...
  6. S

    Propellers spin then the drone cuts out

    Hi All, I'm a noob to quadcopters/drones and dont really know where to start when problem solving. I have a Syma X5SW-1 and have managed just one flight. The day after this success i powered it up again pushed the accelerater forward to find the propellers would spin for about a second then the...
  7. S

    Propellers spin the drone cuts out

    Hi All, I'm a noob to quadcopters/drones and dont really know where to start when problem solving. I have a Syma X5SW-1 and have managed just one flight. The day after this success i powered it up again pushed the accelerater forward to find the propellers would spin for about a second then the...
  8. M

    PROPELLER EXPLOSION! too much power?

    Hey everyone, I am trying to get my f330 working, and it seems that the Emax cooling 2208 1500kv motors, were so powerful that they exploded all the 8050 props on my quad. My girlfriend standing about 10 feet away got stabbed with one, and i was literally holding the base of it, and didn't get...
  9. R

    Help with my first aircraft

  10. C

    New FT ARROW

    Hey guys, I just built my the arrow as my first wing. Ive only started flying recently on the apprentice, and I've learned fairly quickly. Since this is supposed to be a race wing, I put a little shorter prop on the wing. Will make it docile enough, or should I switch from 3s to 2s 800mah as...
  11. P

    Propeller recommendation for Suped Up Parkzone P-51 BL

    I just completed my build of the old-school Parkzone P-51 BL. This was my very first plane (was not a good choice for my first plane, but learned fast!)....with the help of a lot of glue. Found the airframe kit on Amazon and decided to make it a speedster. I put in a Power 10 motor, 40 AMP...
  12. JGplanes

    Prop overspeed? - sudden vibration

    Hello... Newbie here, but longtime FT watcher. My son and I are finally getting into scratch building, and built our first power pod last night! Yay, he's so excited! We're basically using the guts from an Ares P-51; Park 370 motor, 18A ESC, 600mA 3C battery, I think (new to this). Everything...
  13. B

    Pusher vs. Puller propellers

    Many times, when looking at various RC planes, the propellers are often in the front or back. If you are designing and building a plane and had the option of either a puller or pusher propeller, is there any difference between the two? If so, how does the position of the propeller affect the...
  14. J

    Help needed with upside down propellers for Y6 multirotor

    Hi everyone! I have just built my first multirotor using an electrohub frame - it's set up as a "Y6". I am using an Eagletree Vector flight controller and the configuration software indicates that the top three motors should spin counter-clockwise and the bottom three motors should spin...
  15. C

    FT Guinea Pig - Are counter rotating props necessary ?

    the power pack for the guinea pig comes with counter rotating props but not counter rotating prop adapters for the motors is it necessary for the plane to have counter rotating propellers? i tried to put counter rotating props on it but the torque of the motor made the prop nut unscrew and fly...
  16. P

    Disproportionate propeller loss

    I was out this morning, tweaking my cleanflight settings. This, naturally, involved a lot of crashing. I noticed, strangely, that I was much more likely to lose R propellers (front left and back right) than "normal" propellers. I also tend to lose more back propellers than front. Any idea why...
  17. T

    Grass landings only?

    I'm kinda new I have been flying for a few months now in real life and in simulation. I fly in not so big parks and do not have a runway. So my question is what are some 4 channel planes that are not super fast or big that can always belly land without breaking props or other things?
  18. S

    How to assemble a prop to the motor??

    Hello, Yesterday, i finished building my FT Flyer with a Turnigy park 300 1380 kv motor. I got some propellers as well, of course. However, I can't manage to assemble my prop to the motor... I tried using rubber bands, (although they were way too long), but when I go full throttle the prop...
  19. sierra_bravo

    pusher prop help.

    Hello, I am going to build a ft versa wing as a pusher but i have a question about my motor and prop. I am going to using a turnigy D2826-10 which is 1400kv motor and I am going to use a 3 cell battery. My prop is a 7x5. My question is if it will be able to have enough power to fly. Thank you in...
  20. N

    Folding props

    Howzit guys, I am building a larger aerial hex to carry NEX / DSLR sized cameras but the larger the frame, the more challengning to transport. I'm going to get the umbrella style folding frame so either: I take the props off when transporting get folding props I was wondering if anyone has...