Ft Guinea pig motor help


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I have a mission in life, well this week. AirDrop a 6pack of a known substance to the middle of a pond. I am looking at the suppo 2810/7 1200kv motors. I hope to use these for a latter kraken build and generally larger than 100% ft planes. I need a recommendation of prop size and whether or not this will actually work. Like most here recommended setting are too bland. Who would love a high performance cargo plane!!!! Yes that was figurative. I'm still fine tuning my flying. I would like more torque than go. I've grown building cars and trucks.
I want this to be my cover all diesel so to speak work truck.
Thanks ahead of time!!


Could you give a link to the motor?
If it is anything like the NTM 1200kv 2830 ~ 350W on 3S, then two of them should be fine on the guinea pig, I have asked this question several times before in the previous days xD. The awesome FT communnity recommended getting a 9x4,7 prop (more torque, as you desired), but I've heard that 10x4,7 props would do good as well.
Pay attention though, this is all for the NTM 2830 1200kv, just send that link, I wasn't able to find it.

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Well, regarding the kv, weight and wattage, it seems like this motor would work on a guinea pig. It is kind of like the motor from the C power pack I gues, but MUCH more powerful. But eh, more power is good right? I don't really know what kind of prop you should put on it. My guess is a 10x4,7. I am no expert though. I think you might want to consider a motor that is slightly smaller. I mean, this motor drains A LOT OF amps (40 right?).

Well, I don't know, it seems like it is rather powerful, but it will probably work on the guinea pig.