guinea pig

  1. The4High2Flyer0

    Guinea pig good first plane?

    I feel like I should include some context. I (20 years old) have been wanting to get into the rc plane hobby for well over a decade now but have never had the money or motivation to start. That all changed a last week when I finally decided to bite the bullet and buy a radio and receiver just...
  2. FishbonesAir

    Nose Job

    Okay, so I've despised, hated, wanted to melt with a torch never really liked the castoring nosewheel on the FT Mini Guinea. I came up with a steerable nosewheel on my first MG, using the supplied 1.5mm wire, but found that, shall we say, inadequate for my beginner landings? The spring was an...
  3. F

    Help! C twin radial

    We are building a guinea pig and are almost ready to fly. I have a taranis X9D linked to x8r transmitter. One of the engines always starts after the other and when at half power i can tell the late starting engine is spinning at about 1/2 or 3/4 the rpm of the other engine. They are linked...
  4. 670C09ED-5C89-4B3E-9BBD-05A801C6E0F3.jpeg


    My guinea pig out for it’s maiden!
  5. 018F7E12-7A79-4F17-90F8-DD1B7581AB12.jpeg


    My guinea pig with a pretty sweet paint job!
  6. Theuglycamel

    Golden Goose Mk. II

    Good Morning to All, I know I haven't been on here long, but when I started on the forums a few months ago, I was completing my FT Speedbuild Guina Pig. I fell in love with this design instantly and have been crashing and modding (usually in that order) daily since her maiden. Recently I had...
  7. InShot_20190318_113911703.mp4


    Guinea Hatch Door 1
  8. Scooter The White Rabbit

    Solved Solution for Weak Nose Gear/ Guinea Pig and like craft!

    Okay you mooks, sit your tails down and listens up. Craft Sticks! This delightful items come in packs of 45 or more, 10 inch long, 1.25 inch wide, 1.5 mm thick! And they are... Wood! Frame your nose gear box with them to assist in support! Then peel off the lower outside paper, press in one from...
  9. E

    Guinea Pig with xt60 splitter setup

    I am running a XT60 splitter to two BLHeli Series 30A ESC and they are powering powerpack C motors. I was planning on running a 4s 2250mAh to power both motors. Everyone says its a bad idea to run a 4s with BLHeli Series 30A ESC but is it different when the power from the battery is split going...
  10. D

    Power Pack B Twin on Mini Guinea?

    I'm new to flying and I'm building the Mini Guinea from plans. Long story short, today at my local hobby store, I bought the wrong power pack. They have a no refund policy so I doubt they will take it back. Any way I can make this work? or Am I just screwed.
  11. ItMightFly

    Guinea Pigs

    So, I have an idea... Seeing the pun jet inside the Guinea Pig got me thinking. I thought it would be cool to see the Giant Guinea Pig, with a folding wing Guinea Pig inside, and inside the (regular sized) Guinea Pig would be a Pun Jet. When all dropped, all three would have their own rockets on...
  12. P

    Ft. Mini Guinea power pack and mods

    Hello, I'm new to the forms but I've been watching and building Flite test planes for a long time. I looked around for a thread on this but I didn't find anything on it, so to the point. I just built a Flite test guinea pig, and now I'm planning on moving to the mini, but the only mini...
  13. menus666

    FT guinea pig hardware list...

    Hi everyone! I'm planning to built guinea pig next winter and I have some question about hardware Whats kind and dimension of wood are used in wings and in other place in the plane What do you use for landing gears wire? What dimension of Wheel do you use?? If someone can post a list of...
  14. S

    Newbie from the Netherlands

    Hi all! For a few weeks i'm watching FT youtube video's now. I'am an aviation enthousiast with not so much experience. I inherited this passion from my granddad who is not among us for many years now. Some years ago I started with a mini Mosquito RC helicopter. After a few years and some...
  15. C

    Run the FT Guinea pig on a 4 cell battery?

    Would this be too much for the escs? I'm using the recommended C power packs sold from the ft store.
  16. C

    Guinea Pig Racing

    What's going on guys. Me and a bunch of guys in my club decided to build and race a bunch of Guinea pigs. Here's a few of the color schemes we've built. I'll be sure to have video and pictures of the event. They also have steerable nose wheels.
  17. J

    Ft Guinea pig motor help

    I have a mission in life, well this week. AirDrop a 6pack of a known substance to the middle of a pond. I am looking at the suppo 2810/7 1200kv motors. I hope to use these for a latter kraken build and generally larger than 100% ft planes. I need a recommendation of prop size and whether or...
  18. S

    Is a 4 channel receiver enough for the PUN JET?

    Hey everyone, So, I wanna build a Guinea Pig with Pun Jet this summer, and I already have a 4 channel receiver from my FT Flyer. It's clear to me that the Guinea Pig will need at least a 5 channel receiver, but what about the Pun Jet? I mean, it only has 4 channels: ailerons & elevators...