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FT Logo Plane - A scratchbuild plane in the shape of the FT Logo

Hello All,

I would like to share with you my first attempt ever at building a plane from scratch. I decided to build one in the shape of the Flitetest logo because I wanted to thank everyone at FT for all the good they are doing for the hobby and community. I got into this hobby only a few months ago and I love it. The FT show taught me a lot and I look forward to every episode.

I must admit that I was a little disappointed with the performance of the FT Logo Plane but it was inevitable. I wanted to keep this plane as true to the original logo as possible and throw all the laws of physics and flight to the wind. Check out the maiden flight below.

Hopefully someone can build a proper FT Logo Plane that actually flies. Perhaps that can be the next speed build kit.



FT-Logo-01.jpg FT-Logo-02.jpg FT-Logo-03.jpg FT-Logo-04.jpg FT-Logo-05.jpg


Dedicated foam bender
Too bad it doesn't fly well because it looks AWESOME!! when I read the title, I pictured something like a modified nutball with the logo cut out instead of a circle...


Hostage Taker of Quads

after pondering about this one . . . have you considered forgoing the H-stab feet and making this a flying wing with a rediciously cool shaped V-stab/fuse?

Not sure how you're going to get past the landing (land inverted? removable/disposable feet? Change the angle so he flies more "superman" style?), but this should work well under elevons, once your CG is right for the wing.

Either way, it's still an epic build!
Hi Dan,

I actually have been thinking of creating something with those wings. They are in very good shape and I made them super strong (a little overkill with a 1/2 dowel running down the entire wing).
I found this so I may give it a try for your competition :)



Hostage Taker of Quads

Looks like a great plan (and a slick plane to build! DLG?). When you're ready, start up a build log and I'll add it to the running!

BTW, if you didn't catch the communist bit, it's "our" competition . . . we all contribute and then steal ideas freely. We won't hand out trophys to everyone, but that's only because our economy can't afford to make enough . . .


Senior Member
Hi Marek,

Sorry it did not fly right away,
but the idea/design is great!
Given the shape, the CG is probably difficult to find and once you know where it is, you'll have to consider momentum induced by the prop / elevon placement (moving back / forth regarding to the CG), but you'll get there!
I have taken the plane apart and now all is left is the wing.
I reconfigured the plane into every possible way and I couldnt get it to fly. I tried is as a pusher or a tractor. I removed the feat and tried to fly it like a wing with elevon mixing. Nothing worked. All I have is a wing and 3 cuts on my throwing hand (I never launched a pusher plane before and learned the hard way... )