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I'd like to build a wing that uses the full 30" length of DTFB. I'd like to use the FT technique of folding over the leading edge that gives the nice rounded leading edge. I was successful on my Storch, but it has a very large chord making it easier and with just two hands it was still difficult even using Josh's arms to elbows technique. In this design the finished chord is only 3". I am imagining that folding over a 30" long board only 3" chord + 0.75" bottom will not be possible. Are there any techniques you might know that might help?

Here is test specimen giving the shape I'm looking for. The chord is 3", but the span is also only 3". That's easy to fold... 30" span... probably NOT.
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...I'd like to use the FT technique of folding over the leading edge...
For longer wings I use 2 boards, place one on top, the edge of the board on the fold line. Place the other under the wing and use it to push upwards on the foam and fold the wing over. I use same technique to put the crease in the wing.

Once the wing is folded over, apply the hot glue and use one of the board to hold down the trailing edge until it cools.


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To fold it without having to use a lot of force and wrinkling the back, first cut more than a 45 degree bevel. Go 60. Second, use something like the round handle of an Exacto knife to crush the foam on either side of the bevel. I take my Exacto knife handle, put the end of the handle right at the fold, and push the handle down hard into the foam next to the fold and then drag it the length of the fold. After that, it should take very little force to fold the wing over all the way. Then when you glue it, after finding it over, it can help to hold the trailing edge down with a board that spans the full length.

Good luck!
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On my leading edge folds, I draw a line 2x the foam thickness from the score line on either side of the fold line and then cut my bevel to this new reference line. Helps the wing fold over nicely with a rounder leading edge and less force necessary.
This is a fairing for my Spirit of St Louis, but you can see in the middle where I've cut the wider bevel.
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