Build Instructions for FT EZ Pack V2 Delta Shape "Easy Peasy"

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Easy Peasy should take you about 3 hours to assemble.
Start off by making 2 sets of jigs that has an angle of 13 degrees each and segment length of 4".


Outline of pattern:
1) Draw a centerline (CL) and put a point down 16.5" on that line from nose.
2) Then draw 2 lines off at 30 degrees at nose a length of 14.5 " each.( Make sure equal distance from point to centerline-angle wrong not equal)
3) Form delta shape by connecting the 16.5 CL point to each 14.5 " line.
4) Draw 2 parallel lines 4.5" from CL.
5) From trailing edge surface, draw a line parallel 1.25 " in. It will go from CL to the 4.5"line. Do other side. This is the segment that is going to be raised up by cutting the foam all the way thru.
6) For prop slot, measure 7 7/8"down from nose and draw line perpendicular to CL. Measure over 3" and that will be CL of motor/prop with the motor segment carved out to the left. I used the width of 9/16" and length of 2 3/8" long which is to the right for the prop opening. The CL of prop slot is 1 3/16".
7) Rudder pattern is 2 parallel lines 1" in height with the top portion is 1 5/8" in length and has 2 45 degree sides.
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